• Have 1,000 - Just For Being Good
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  • Apologies for telling you about this after it happened, but yesterday a well-meaning millionaire was in London handing out gifts of 1,000 to people they thought looked worthy of a bit of extra money. In return, all they asked was that they did something good with it such as making a charity donation, helping someone less fortunate, or just to make someone a little bit happier.

    The anonymous person was lucky enough to suddenly come into more money than they would ever need last year and, after spending a chunk of it booking a space flight with Virgin Galactic, they became increasingly embraced about blowing what was essentially a life changing amount of money on themselves. A few days later they cancelled the booking.

    Speaking through the project's website (Wearelucky), they say:

    "I promised myself that I'd do something great with that space flight money. Something to really make a difference. I wanted to find a cool way to give the cash away - spread it around - but at the same time retain some kind of affinity with the benefactors. I thought long and hard about how to make an impact in a way that I could be involved in and would feel good about. I wrestled with this for ages and the more I thought about it, the more difficult it was. That was how Wearelucky came about. I decided to pass on my good luck to others by giving away 1,000 every day."

    For more information on the project, the millionaire's back story, and what people have spent the money on so far - head over to www.we-are-lucky.com.

    • Rent - That would've made my landlord a lot happier lol.
    • Jamila Brown Posted 44 months ago · 177 Reply
    • charity starts at home
    • well... Posted 44 months ago · 180 Reply
    • I was lucky enough to be part of this project last time he was in London. I gave it to my mate who is cycling to Hong Kong from London for Breast Cancer Care, www.thewrightwayeast.co.uk.
    • Mark Posted 44 months ago · 154 Reply
    • cheap PR really
    • harry Posted 44 months ago · 194 Reply
    • cheap PR for...?
    • john Posted 44 months ago · 174 Reply
    • How odd. Did everyone get £1,000, or did someone get a lot more? 'A life changing amount', for whom, someone with only a few more hours left to live? 'after spending a chunk of it booking a space flight with Virgin Galactic', last time I checked a flight to space was £125,000...
    • Chris Posted 44 months ago · 212 Reply
    • @Chris i think he divided the cost of the flight into lots of £1000 giveaways
    • john Posted 44 months ago · 195 Reply
    • the space flight apparently cost him $400,000
    • dee Posted 44 months ago · 175 Reply
    • I'm sorry there seems to be some Space flights cost $200,000 each, i cancelled my booking and decided to spend the rest of my money in a better way, of which this is part and which i think is making lots of people smile. I know there are lots of ways to do something good but i couldn't decide what to do so i chose to let others decide, parcel up the cash into GBP1000 chunks, or there abouts in other currencies, and see what happens. I think its lovely what the people have done but i can understand your concerns. Please email me ay hello.wearelucky@gmail.com if you have any direct questions and i will be happy to answer them or call you back to talk to you. Wearelucky. x
    • Wearelucky. Posted 44 months ago · 165 Reply