Have £1,000 - Just For Being Good

  • · Posted 71 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Apologies for telling you about this after it happened, but yesterday a well-meaning millionaire was in London handing out gifts of £1,000 to people they thought looked worthy of a bit of extra money. In return, all they asked was that they did something good with it such as making a charity donation, helping someone less fortunate, or just to make someone a little bit happier.

The anonymous person was lucky enough to suddenly come into more money than they would ever need last year and, after spending a chunk of it booking a space flight with Virgin Galactic, they became increasingly embraced about blowing what was essentially a life changing amount of money on themselves. A few days later they cancelled the booking.

Speaking through the project's website (Wearelucky), they say:

"I promised myself that I'd do something great with that space flight money. Something to really make a difference. I wanted to find a cool way to give the cash away - spread it around - but at the same time retain some kind of affinity with the benefactors. I thought long and hard about how to make an impact in a way that I could be involved in and would feel good about. I wrestled with this for ages and the more I thought about it, the more difficult it was. That was how Wearelucky came about. I decided to pass on my good luck to others by giving away £1,000 every day."

For more information on the project, the millionaire's back story, and what people have spent the money on so far - head over to www.we-are-lucky.com.

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