• Camp Woodward's New Snake Run
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  • California Skateparks, the people behind the new design and construction of the new Street League courses, have just completed a dreamy new cement poured snake run for Camp Woodward skatepark in Pennsylvania.

    Designed to mimic the sloping school yards and dried concrete waterways of south California, where skateboarding first began, the snake run stretched over 1,000 ft and features quarter pipes, gaps, ledges and rails.

    Speaking about the project Woodward veteran Ron Kimler says that despite already spending 10,000 man hours constructing the run, they still see it as a work in progress and plan to add more features next year - "Maybe we need pocket here, lip there, berm here It'll get created, whatever's awesome."

    Source: Coolhunting


    • *gasp*
    • Craig Posted 32 months ago · 20 Reply
    • if i were a lady id need to change my panties
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