• Skateable Sculptures by Rich Holland
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  • As part of an exhibition named "At First We Take Museums" at the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Finland, artist Rich Holland has created incredible (especially if you're a skateboarder) skateable sculptures which combine visual pleasure with physical pleasure. By positioning these structures, which the average person wouldn't look at twice in a skatepark, in a gallery, Holland is challenging the position between highbrow art and urban popular subculture.

    "He focuses on the issue about the right to public space, fiercely debated in Finland too, that is gradually being occupied by commercial and other private bodies. The exhibition and particularly the his work brings the outdoors indoors."

    Source: MOCO Loco


    • I just blew my load
    • P. Posted 46 months ago · 132 Reply
    • Damnit.
    • Roy Posted 46 months ago · 124 Reply
    • it's amazing but it's not current: I'm pretty sure this was on in 2007 or even 2006. It's not up now for sure.
    • shreddie Posted 46 months ago · 134 Reply
    • Yeah, from 2006 – really great.
    • Phil Posted 46 months ago · 137 Reply
    • Pretty sure that the artist group known as Simparch did an indoor structure for skateboards back in 2000.
    • Palk Posted 46 months ago · 125 Reply
    • Simparch came after this lot, these guys were first - tseou.com
    • Greveling Posted 46 months ago · 134 Reply