Jason Ratliff

  • Posted 74 months Ago

In his new, ongoing series Walking Shadows, Indianapolis-based illustrator Jason Ratliff reverses the roles of object and shadow - making the shadow the center of attention by rendering them in rainbow like colours and angular, eye-catching shapes, all while the object (or person) blends with the beige background.

'"The inspiration came from exploring my interest in the exaggerated drawn out shape of a shadow and how it interacts with the space. The way it takes on a life of it's own apart from the subject matter, it's almost as if it has it's own personality. It seemed to me that it deserved a little more attention," says Ratliff. "My illustration hatch-work style is pretty fastidious and detailed so I choose ordinary subjects, kept the colors subdued and in contrast gave the shadows a mosaic of colors to fight for the views attention and to become the real focus, almost overshadowing the subject who casts it."