Higgs Boson Discovery Announced in Comic Sans

  • Posted 76 months Ago

Much to the annoyance of graphic designers worldwide, the discovery of the Higgs boson particle - one of the most important scientific discoveries of the past decade - was announced using one of the most hated type-faces - Comic Sans.

As scientists celebrated, type designers expressed deep disappointment, rallying against the scientists who made such an important announcement in such a terrible font and saying that it was the "typographic equivalent of showing up to a board of directors meeting in flip-flops."

Many suspect that the font choice was made in order to make it easier for the "average human" to connect to the presentation and show and interest in what was being said - taking grandeur and snobbery away from the whole event. On many computers Comic Sans is the font most similar to the type you find in superhero comics, so it has also been said that the scientists at CERN might have used it to convey the sense of superhuman feat being achieved.

What do you think? Should they have been more formal for such an important announcement?