• American Apparel Buy Warriors of Radness
  • Posted 27 months ago by Jack Lowe · @jacklowe · culture · 7945 Views
  • $600 million company American Apparel have decided to buy relatively new clothing label Warriors of Radness. With the new financial backing, we can expect to see rapid expansion and distribution of the brand - something that was previously impossible for the small team. In the video above, Rick Klotz of Warriors of Radness, along with American Apparel founder Dov Charney, speak about the buy out, with Charney saying:

    "It's about the shmodern business and making things, it's about bringing these fucking blonde haired beach people together with me, The Big Fat Jew, and we're trying to shmodern the whole thing. Glue the beach and the sewing machine to one kind of fluid vein."


    • How the fuck can they afford to buy anything?!
    • Yanik Posted 27 months ago · 10 Reply
    • ? Posted 27 months ago · 7 Reply
    • It's the Shmatta business - not Shmodern! Clearly you guys are not big fat jews.
    • Ellie Posted 27 months ago · 37 Reply
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