• Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
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  • After more than a decade, Jack Daniel's are introducing a new addition to their family of whiskeys - the Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. Crafted using their famous Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey mingled with a honey liqueur, the new drink offers a taste that is "authentically Jack and naturally smooth" with warm, rich caramel and vanilla flavours.

    To celebrate the launch, Jack Daniel's want to team up with fans, sending them up and down the country to capture photographs of big and small events during the summer. As well as sending you to all these places for free, they'll also give you 100 for each event! To become a Jack Daniel's "Taparrazzo", simply email some examples of your photography work to JDTH@cirkle.com.


    • Honey is my hangover cure of choice. I'll probably become an alcoholic because of this.
    • Mark Posted 45 months ago · 159 Reply
    • Nectar!
    • Susan Posted 45 months ago · 136 Reply
    • You can't spell Jack Daniel's without A, C, D and Honey.
    • Jon-Jon Jones Posted 45 months ago · 145 Reply