The Gourmand Issue N00

  • Posted 75 months Ago

For a long time there have been food magazines and for a long time there have been art magazines, but rarely have people managed to combine these two interests successfully into one publication. The Gourmand set out to do exactly that, calling themselves "a food and culture journal" inspired by the recent influx of new restaurants, bars, cafe’s, stalls and ingredients that are increasingly available to us. "The Gourmand was born as a means to share this exciting cultural shift and to celebrate food as a catalyst for creativity."

Inside the first issue (issue 00) you'll find an evening with David Shrigley (illustrated by the artist himself), a tour of Brixton Market by Dazed & Confused editor Rod Stanley, photographs of crocodile fishing in Australia, and a look at artist Jeff Koon's apple dumpling recipe.

You can pick up the issue from our online store now for 9 (+P&P).