• Colouring Pencil Tree
  • Posted 34 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 5133 Views
  • Artist and designer Dave Rittinger has proposed a new idea for a public art piece which would see existing (perhaps existing but dead would be more practical?) trees turned into art pieces by way of turning their branches into giant colouring pencils. So far, Rittinger has only experimented with turning small tree limbs into various different man-made objects (baseball bats and toothpicks have also been tried), but it would certainly be interesting to see this proposal become a reality.

    Source: Designboom


    • Very cool idea....I like it!
    • Lynda of El Paso Tx Posted 34 months ago · 54 Reply
    • Horribly unsightly...I'd much rather look at a tree than that monstrosity.
    • Ivan Posted 34 months ago · 51 Reply