Frank Gehry To Design New Facebook Offices

  • Posted 74 months Ago

The legendary 83-year-old architect Frank Gehry has been recruited by Facebook to design a new 420,000 sq ft office complex across the street from their current campus in Palo Alto, California. Named Facebook West, the new building will be built as one large room to "aid the rapid formation of teams devoted to enhancing the social networking company's products." Speaking about the project to Bloomberg, Gehry said "Mark wanted to be in the same room with all his engineers… I told him we could put the building up on stilts, park cars underneath and create a room as large as he wanted."

Of course, no dotcom company's office is complete without an extensive selection of arcade games and a well-landscaped roof garden fully equipped with a "getaway garden" serving sushi and barbecue. The company haven't yet disclosed the cost of the project, which is set to be completed in 2015, but say it is consistent with the local office-park norm.

Source: Bloomberg