• Woman Pisses On A Rug in The Standard's New Campaign
  • Posted 44 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 20252 Views
  • American hotel chain The Standard have just unveiled a new ad campaign which seems to have everyone stopping and staring. Featuring a woman pissing on a rug, a man with his head down a woman's shirt, and a woman drooling into a bowl of soup, the campaign has clearly been designed to shock, pushing the envelope for what's acceptable to do in a hotel and what isn't.

    The campaign was conceived by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, but according to the Standard the campaign is more about the increased intrusion into our lives since 9/11. "Wurm tackles our heightened fearfulness following the events of 9/11. Threats on national and international security have made us more sensitive to our personal space and freedoms. An invasion of personal and private space is documented in this work… Despite the lightheartedness of this series, these works of art have a serious intent and are a social and political critique of our changing world."


    • Shemale?
    • Rob Posted 44 months ago · 128 Reply
    • I dom't see the link to 9/11 whatsoever.
    • mike Posted 44 months ago · 136
    • total BS
    • rick Posted 44 months ago · 120 Reply
    • The rational given for this ad campaign is noting short of pure 100% BS all devised to sell something they know is a poor marketing decision at best. I work in the art/design/marketing world and been here long enough to recognize when a marketing/design/advertising department is trying to spin a turd into a diamond. This is that turd, but I still don't see a diamond.
    • denimull Posted 44 months ago · 104 Reply
    • So they want people to pee in their hotels?
    • I'm confused Posted 44 months ago · 105 Reply
    • Golden Shower!
    • It is called Posted 44 months ago · 100 Reply
    • Love it even more!
    • Love it Posted 44 months ago · 121 Reply