Vimeo Introduce Donate Option

  • Posted 73 months Ago

To help filmmakers "build businesses around the films and videos they create," Vimeo have added two new features - a "tip jar" which encourages viewers to donate, and a pay-per-view option which will be rolled out soon. Speaking about the move, Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor said:

"Established creators and emerging talent alike can connect directly with their audiences without the need to conform to industry standards around video format, price or timing releases."

The Tip Jar function, which is available now for Vimeo Plus or Pro members, allows payments to be made of 99 cent and upwards which watching the video, of which Vimeo will take a 15% cut. The pay-per-view service will be trialled on seven to ten videos over the next few months to gauge its success rate before potentially being rolled out for all Vimeo Pro subscribers early next year. Dae Mellencamp, president of Vimeo, added:

"Creators have asked us for quite some time to help them monetise their work, but we think it needed an approach that put the controls back into the hands of the creators themselves… We designed these tools to allow video creators to be as flexible as possible while providing the ability to financially succeed at various levels of viewership."