Trailer: Gerhard Richter Painting

  • Posted 73 months Ago

In follow up to her 2007 short film Gerhard Richter's Window, filmmaker Corinna Belz is back with Gerhard Richter Painting, a documentary of the German artist's creative process juxtaposed with intimate conversations with his critics, his collaborators, and his American gallerist Marian Goodman.

Despite being constantly in the spotlight as one of the world's greatest living painters, Richter is infamously media-shy and has, prior to Belz's first film, didn't appear on camera for 15 years. Now, we can watch as the 79-year-old painter creates a series of large-scale abstract canvasses "using fat brushes and a massive squeegee to apply (and then scrape off) layer after layer of brightly colored paint."