Video: Lana Del Rey - Ride

  • Posted 72 months Ago

New from pouty singer Lana Del Rey comes a cinematic 10-minute long music video for track "Ride", which is the first single from her re-released debut album Born To Die: Paradise Edition. Directed by Anthony Mandler, the video is an epic vision of what the singer says "America used to be" and is told from the perspective of a character who stumbled across a disconcerting alternate meaning of true freedom.

The video first premiered at he Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, California, for an audience of industry types and was accompanied by a letter from Lana Del Rey explaining her inspirations. The letter read:

"Life isn't always easy, but sometimes you're blessed enough to meet your artistic soul mates along the way. After years of staying true to my own artistic visions, I met Anthony Mandler, who shared my love of all things dark and beautiful and understood my passion and revery for the country that America used to be. He's helped me to bring the visions of my imagination to life and tell my different life stories through film … The world I've created on the outside is finally as beautiful as it was in my mind's eye when I first began writing and dreaming, and that – as you know – is a very rare thing. And for that I am eternally grateful to all of my wonderful friends and partners in music and at my label for helping a vision flourish and for being a part of something that is now bigger than us."