• Antony Gormley - Horizon Field Hamburg
  • Posted 23 months ago by Jack Lowe · @jacklowe · Art & Design · 6194 Views
  • Created by British sculptor Antony Gormley, Horizon Field Hamburg is a 2,500 square meter reflective black platform suspended 7.5 meters above the floor by eight 22-millimeter cables. Designed to disorientate and destabilise each individual viewer, Gormley said the piece "creates the experience of the space at large - space as an expanding condition - and the social nature of space." While speaking to the New Scientist, he said:

    "Some people seem to be highly physical, doing cartwheels and yoga and Pilates and a whole load of other things - trying, for instance, to stand when the whole platform is oscillating, and even managing to do so - while others lie and watch or simply meditate on the experience of being in, but not of, the world."

    The exhibition recently closed at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Germany, and was visited by over 120,000 people.


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