• Electron Microscope Photography Contest
  • Posted 27 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 12923 Views
  • Electron microscope manufacturer FEI recently partnered up with National Geographic for a photography contest in which all images must have been taken with with an electron microscope, allowing audiences to "discover unseen aspects of their everyday lives". The contest, entitled Explore The Unseen, ran for five months and during that time more than 230 images were submitted, which you can now browse here.

    Top image: Embryonic zebrafish by David McCarthy

    Aphid on a Leaf by Karin Whitmore

    Mosquito Egg by Francisco Rangel

    Pre-Solar Grain from a Meteorite by Zia Rahman

    A Morpho Butterfly Wing by Gerald Poirier

    A "Water Bear" by Oliver Meckes

    Nano Swimmers by David McCarthy


  • Video: Nike SB Australia - China Trip
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  • Nike SB have just released another impressive short clip featuring Australian skateboarders Shane O'Neill, Alex Campbell and Nick Boserio riding around China on a 15-day trip. In the 4-minute-long clip, they visit some interesting spots in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai....
  • Hue Wireless Lightbulb by Philips
  • 27 months ago · Art & Design · 0 Comments · 7217 Views
  • To stop that WiFi enabled lightbulb we posted about taking away some of their market share, electronics giant Philips have come out with Hue, a wireless LED lightbulb that is controllable via an app and can display different tones of white light - from warm yellow white to vibrant...
  • Trailer: I Am Benga
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  • I Am Benga is a new six-part series from Red Bull Studios London which will give us a unique look into the life of Benga - one of the UK's biggest electronic music superstars. Kicking off with a look at his early life in Croydon, South London, the series goes on to examine the emergence...
  • Dank Issue Nş4
  • 27 months ago · Art & Design · 0 Comments · 3175 Views
  • Norwegian skateboard magazine Dank have just released their fourth issue, featuring a interview with Dylan Rieder, an article by Jai Tanju on "inspiration, mental health, being conquered by the digital age, and the power of printed matter", and a piece by Dan Watson on the difference...
  • Camper Kremer Collection
  • 27 months ago · style · 1 Comment · 3678 Views
  • As you may have noticed, Camper's latest Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign reveals how their latest collection was inspired by different objects, pairing dark brown shoes from The Kremer Collection alongside things like chocolate cake. Now, the label want to know what comes to your mind...
  • Rio 2016 Olympic Typeface Unveiled
  • 27 months ago · Art & Design · 3 Comments · 7379 Views
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have unveiled the official typeface for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic games. Designed by Dalton Maag, the typeface intends to reflect the movement of the athletes as well as some of Brazil's most famous geological and architectural landmarks....
  • Video: Das Racist - Girl
  • 27 months ago · music · 0 Comments · 6858 Views
  • New from Brooklyn-based band Das Racist comes the video for their track "Girl" from the album Relax. Directed by Aristotle Athiras, the visuals see a lovestruck man (complete with greasy mullet) trying to win over a woman on the street using various different unique dance moves....
  • Wake Up Alarm App from Uniqlo
  • 27 months ago · Art & Design · 4 Comments · 9650 Views
  • Lately, waking up on these ever darkening winter mornings has been a tiny bit easier, and it's all thanks to a new alarm app released by Japanese retailer Uniqlo. Named Wake Up, the iPhone and Android app features a sleek, simple interface and plays you different music (with accompanying...