Bichos Lamp Series by Martinho Pita

  • Posted 71 months Ago

Bichos (a Portuguese word which means "creatures") is a new series of lamps from Portugese architect Martinho Pita made using discarded Portuguese holly tree branches. Due to the nature of the process, each lamp is unique, but has been selected and crafted by Pita to appear like a fantastical creature frozen in movement. According to Pita, he learnt his craft alongside his father, who was an artist:

"For me it became essential to learn how to prune a tree, the right time of the year, the right branch, the angle and distance of the cut in order for the tree to heal itself. Once on the ground I calibrate the branch in the right position and peel it while is fresh and soft. It's then a matter of shaping, sanding and detailing it before it dries completely since holly wood is extremely hard. It is important to understand its dynamics"