• The World's Thinnest House
  • Posted 42 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 15738 Views
  • If you live in an expensive major city, you may think life is tough in your tiny apartment, but it's nothing compared to a new building designed for artist residencies by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny. Situated in Warsaw, Poland, the Keret House is just 4 ft wide and is squashed between two other buildings. Beginning 10 ft off the ground, the structure is 33 ft deep and features a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen across its two floors.

    Unfortunately, due to the housing regulations in Poland the house has been deemed too small to live in for longer than 7 days, so will be taken care of by the Foundation of Polish Art who will regular switch sitters.


    • it's awesome!
    • michelle Posted 42 months ago · 102 Reply
    • the ultimate bachelor pad....
    • Pablo Posted 42 months ago · 116 Reply
    • yes only for bachelors and few parties
    • Dean Posted 42 months ago · 106 Reply
    • crazy
    • mike ahuja Posted 42 months ago · 115 Reply
    • gives me claustrophobia looking at it...
    • Django Posted 42 months ago · 142 Reply
    • Oh my gosh
    • Lucy Posted 40 months ago · 107 Reply