• Pop-Up Housing For London's Homeless
  • Posted 42 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 10183 Views
  • HAWSE (Homes through Apprenticeships With Skills for Employment) and Levitt Bernstein architects have come up with a proposal to turn unused garages in London into temporary living spaces for the homeless. The project was specially developed for the London borough of Hackney, who are currently developing it into a pilot scheme.

    Each house would cost roughly £13,000 to construct, with most of the parts being made off site and then fitted by homeless construction apprentices. Rent would be just £50 per month, plus utilities.

    At the moment, the idea is to use the garages underneath council flats, but because this may be quite off putting for some local residents the council are stressing that this is just a temporary measure, intended as a stepping stone for the inhabitants to allow them to move on to a more permanent place.


    • As someone who works for a homeless services non-profit, I really like the idea in theory, but the logistics seem difficult and I'm not sure how it facilitates people getting back on their feet.
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