• Larry Clark's Film Marfa Girl Now Available To Stream
  • Posted 27 months ago by Jack Lowe · film · 8352 Views
  • Following from its triumph at the Rome Film Festival this week where it was crowned best film, Larry Clark's Marfa Girl is now available to stream exclusively through the director's website. Set in the small Texas town of Marfa, the film tells the tale of Adam - a half-white, half-Hispanic teenager who is trying to navigate the worlds of sex, drugs, rock and roll, art, violence, and racism.

    Speaking about the decision to only release the film through his website, Clark said:

    "This is the future and the future is now… Most and very soon almost all the small theaters that show Indie and Art films will be gone… Everyday another goes out of business because everything is digital now and it is quite expensive for the wonderful old smaller theaters to bear the cost of switching to digital… Anyway I think I am one of the very first directors to release a new film this way, on a website who's only purpose is to show his new films… I think this could be very successful and it also cuts out the crooked Hollywood distributors.


  • Video: Musical Corner Shop with Red Stripe
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  • As part of a new campaign, Red Stripe transformed a local Dalston corner store into one giant all-singing, all-dancing musical instrument. Directed by award-winning director Greg Brunkalla, with instruments by creative technologists...
  • Coca-Cola Clothing Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection
  • 27 months ago · style · 2 Comments · 11320 Views
  • In a rather strange turn of events, global superbrand Coca-Cola have unveiled an Autumn/Winter 2013 clothing collection. Unveiled at Fashion Rio, the collection is varsity sports inspired and incorporates modern synthetic materials...
  • Kidult Tags Maison Martin Margiela
  • 27 months ago · Art & Design · 25 Comments · 26021 Views
  • Looks like the Parisian graffiti artist Kidult has done his thing again, this time tagging the Maison Marin Margiela store in Belgium and writing "OUR MISERY NOT YOUR'S." Prior to this, Kidult reached the headlines for tagging the Hermes, Louis Vuitton and, most recently, Marc Jacobs...
  • Karlie Kloss Shoot by Ryan McGinley
  • 27 months ago · Art & Design · 13 Comments · 17738 Views
  • As part of a new travel feature by The New York Times, New York-based photographer Ryan McGinley shot famed model Karlie Kloss amongst stunning Nicaraguan scenery. According to the article, McGinley was keen to make the shoot look more adventurous, despite at one point being positioned...
  • Rita Ora Becomes Face of Superga
  • 27 months ago · style · 2 Comments · 7866 Views
  • Italian footwear label Superga have announced that Rita Ora will be taking over from British model Alexa Chung as the face of the brand. After signing to Jay-Z's record label Roc Nation, the 21-year-old British singer has gone from strength to strength, with her debut album Ora moving...
  • The Treehouse
  • 27 months ago · Art & Design · 0 Comments · 7763 Views
  • Designed by Andreas Wenning from the architecture practice Baumraum, this contemporary treehouse design, aptly named The Treehouse, is located in the Belgian province of Limburg and features two cabins on different levels, connected by terraces & staircases and held above ground...