Sense Enhancing Cutlery by Jinhyun Jeon

  • Posted 71 months Ago

When it comes to cutlery, most of us think the designs are pretty perfect already, functioning exactly as you would want at meal time, but Jinhyun Jeon felt there was some room for improvement. After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Jeon set about exploring the relationship between food and our all five of our senses.

By changing the shape, texture and colour of the stainless steel, silver and plastic utensils, Jeon has caused a "sensory cross-wiring" which can even cause the user to have an increased appetite. "The tools I created make us focus on each bite, feel the enriched textures or enhanced chewing sounds between bites," she told Dezeen. "If we can stretch the borders of what tableware can do, the eating experience can be enriched."

Source: Dezeen