• Indoor Cloud Concept
  • Posted 39 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 14058 Views
  • Online furniture store Micasa has come up with a new concept design for a lighting fixture that would emulate the weather outside. By connecting to the Met Office via WiFi, Nebula 12 can use their meteorological data to decide how to act, either making an indoor cloud using its supply of liquid nitrogen or shining a bright yellow light if its sunny. Speaking about the design, manager of Micasa, Matthias Wunderlin, said:

    "With Nebula 12, Micasa wants to expand the definition of what a lamp is. It is important for us that we not only challenge ourselves, but also our customers. And Nebula 12 is something completely new which should stimulate people to think beyond the boundaries of conventional lighting systems."


    • Not sure that having liquid nitrogen suspended from the ceiling is such a great idea...
    • Jake Posted 39 months ago · 88
    • i think its contained in that bottom compartment. it's not just sloshing around on top.
    • Barry Posted 39 months ago · 84 Reply
    • Wow!
    • Mya Posted 39 months ago · 85 Reply
    • I dont reckon they use dry-ice, havent read anything about it, but if i were to try achieve this i would use an ionizer
    • james Posted 35 months ago · 90 Reply