• Andreas Gursky at Museum Kunstpalast
  • Posted 22 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 3004 Views
  • Large scale landscape photography Andreas Gursky recently opened a new show at Museum Kunstpalast, in Düsseldorf, Germany. The exhibition offers a unique chance to see a wide array of work from the respected photographer, with both old and new works on show demonstrating each of his different subjects from bleak landscapes to bustling crowds at huge events. Speaking about his work, which now includes layered satellite images, Gursky said:

    "It is not pure photography, what I do. All my works are based on a direct visual experience from which I develop a pictorial idea, and after that, there's a studio testing to prove their plausibility, and finally they'e worked out with the help of a computer."

    The exhibition will be running through to 13 January, 2013.


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