National Geographic Photography Contest 2012 Entries

  • Posted 71 months Ago

Whether you're into this kind of photography or not, the National Geographic Photography Contest is undoubtably one of the most impressive photography contests there is, consistently showing us elements of our world we had never seen before. This year's competition is still open for entries but only for one more day, so if you want to submit your work act fast! Below are some of the top entires so far and you can also browse hundreds more selected by the National Geographic editors online. The official winners will be announced in December.

Top image: Chang Ming Chih

Photo: Mark Meyer

Photo: Janez Tolar

Photo: Mohannad Khatib

Photo: Bill Thoet

Photo: Mandy Wilson

Photo: Fabien Bravin

Photo: Peng Jiang

Photo: Mark Bridger

Photo: John Peterson

Photo: Agne Subelyte