• AFP Pictures of the Year 2012
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  • With the year closing down, major news agency Agence France Press (AFP) have compiled a list of the most impactful photographs of the year. Covering natural disasters, revolutionary politics, and mankind's technological progress, the images come from all over the world and give us a quick rundown of the biggest news stories from the eventful twelve months. Take a look at a selection below.

    Top image: Crowds gather in China's Henan province to watch water gush from the Xiaolangdi dam to clear up the Yellow river and prevent localised flooding.

    New taxi cabs in a flooded New Jersey car park following from Hurricane Sandy.

    An exile from Tibet, Jamphel Yeshi, sets himself on fire in New Delhi during protest against an upcoming visit to India by Chinese President Hu Jintao.

    A Dutch resident looks out of his house at the floods, which covered about a quarter of the country.

    US President Barack Obama does press-ups while playing basketball on the South Lawn of The White House.

    A Pakistani worker begins to strip the outer structure of a beached vessel.

    People gather around a crater caused by an Israeli air strike on the al-Dallu family’s home in Gaza City.

    Francois Hollande of the French Socialist party receives a flour bomb to the face while signing a pact on the French housing crisis.

    Cruise liner Costa Concordia sinking after in front of the harbor of Isola del Giglio after hitting underwater rocks.

    72-year-old Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the world's shortest man at just 56 cm in height, on his way to meet Guinness World Records experts who awarded him the world title.

    A missile launch by the Israeli military, designed to intercept and destroy incoming rockets and shells.

    Two women kiss in front of people demonstrating against gay marriage and adoption by same-sex couples in Marseille, France.

    Space shuttle Enterprise, mounted atop a NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, flying through New York.

    Police in China's Shandong province help to remove a car from the sea after the owner parked it on the beach to watch waves caused by Typhoon Bolaven.


    • That´s it? I was hoping for 50-60 pics. Surely you guys have more awesomeness.
    • ferryman Posted 26 months ago · 35 Reply
    • So how do I get big versions of these to use as wallpapers? Or are the photographers little bitches who get upset about anyone possibly enjoying big images?
    • Mark Posted 26 months ago · 56 Reply
    • I'd be happy to provide larger versions. But for you, Mark, I'd charge a premium for you whiny sense of entitlement.
    • Geoff Czyna Posted 26 months ago · 46 Reply
    • What a level-headed, friendly way to request larger sizes of an image from a website. Why not ask the photographers directly? I'm sure they'll oblige and hand them right over, you charming, brilliant human being.
    • Dooton Posted 26 months ago · 59 Reply
    • Zing!
    • Dom W Posted 26 months ago · 51 Reply
    • Geoff... Great response! Ha ha.
    • KDP Posted 26 months ago · 33
    • Seems like we've been in a coma simultaneously...
    • Zzzzz Posted 26 months ago · 24 Reply
    • I am a Dutch resident and can't remember a quarter of my country flooding this year. Faulty news, or I have been in a coma.
    • Chris Posted 26 months ago · 37 Reply
    • Mark. Get out there and use YOUR talent, effort, and skill, to create your own images that YOU can give away as freebies. These photographers most likely earn their living from their images. If you want bigger - buy 'em. Of course if you don't have any talent or skill, no doubt it's difficult to appreciate those that have.
    • Billius Posted 26 months ago · 42 Reply
    • I was thinking the same thing Chris :). Awesome picture though!
    • Nienke Posted 26 months ago · 51 Reply
    • All amazing... better than the Time 2012 images
    • L Posted 26 months ago · 33 Reply
    • why didn't my comment get published? CENSORSHIP!!!! lol no but seriously, why?
    • soph Posted 26 months ago · 37 Reply
    • I have been try to become a professional Photographer but I can't because I have no good camera. I just Canon D30.........
    • Raimundos Oki Posted 24 months ago · 37 Reply
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