• The Silence Room at Selfridges
  • Posted 37 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 22290 Views
  • London department store Selfridges have now opened The Silence Room - a concept originally dreamed up by founder Gordon Selfridge in 1909 which, until now, hadn't come to fruition. Designed by Alex Cochrane Architects, the ground floor space is part of their No Noise campaign and offers a place for shoppers at the store to find peace amongst the bustling emporium. Despite the name, the room is not intended to be entirely silent but rather a place where people are encouraged to lower their voices and take some time to relax. "Our take from the beginning was that there was always going to be background noise and we really wanted to create a room that people can feel silent in regardless of that," said Cochrane when speaking to Dezeen. "We've seen people sleeping there, meditating there. One person was seen praying there."

    Source: Dezeen


    • rather stupid isnt it?
    • ?? Posted 37 months ago · 278 Reply
    • i think its brilliant
    • J Posted 37 months ago · 249 Reply
    • this is dope
    • chuck Posted 37 months ago · 195 Reply
    • I go with really really stupid.
    • ivan Posted 37 months ago · 183 Reply
    • Awesome!!! I think that should become more common. How rare is it to have a room where you can just be without being forced to consume... Brilliant! Thanks soo much!!!
    • Diana Posted 37 months ago · 163 Reply
    • Yeah, but it's a marketing stunt with the intention of attracting more consumers. I prefer a library.
    • Duh Posted 36 months ago · 168 Reply