• Real Life Tetris by Artist Michael Johansson
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  • Created by contemporary Swedish artist Michael Johansson, these "real life Tetris" installations see other people's unwanted objects methodically and painstakingly packed together into neat, colour co-ordinated blocks. Inspired by real life coincidences, such as two people passing each other dressed in the same outfits, Johansson has been constructing the sculptures since 2007, installing them in public areas like tight alleyways and strangely shaped doorways as well as showing them at group and solo exhibitions all over the world. Speaking to PINCH magazine, Johansson said:

    "These irregularities, or coincidences, are a great source of inspiration for me. I have also as long as I can remember been fascinated by flea markets. And in specific a fascination by walking around to find doubles of seemingly unique, though often useless objects I have already purchased at another flea market. There is something irresistible in the knowledge that if you don’t buy that particular object right away, the opportunity might never come back. I think the same rules compelling me to select things at flea markets are also central to my art practice, that you need to combine something very familiar with something very unique to create an interesting art experience."


  • Video: The Cribs - Leather Jacket Love Song
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  • Directed by Andy Knowles, The Cribs' video for track "Leather Jacket Love Song" blends original VHS camcorder footage from 1997 with newly shot footage to depict the current day band performing with their younger selves. Despite...
  • Nike Roshe Run Woven
  • 21 months ago · style · 1 Comment · 9301 Views
  • Drawing on the popularity of their previous woven models, Nike have released the Roshe Run model with a multi-coloured premium woven construction. Aimed at the female market, the lightweight running shoe features a rainbow pattern across the vast majority of the upper as well as...
  • What Are You Doing After This?
  • 21 months ago · Art & Design · 2 Comments · 5794 Views
  • "What Are You Doing After This?" is the name of a new group exhibition at London's Ivory&Black Soho featuring young artists currently working in New York and Los Angeles across a wide range of disciplines. Many of the 17 artists included come from a skateboarding background which,...
  • Andy Warhol: Early Works
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  • Now open at Denmark's Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, "Andy Warhol: Early Works" presents around 300 previously unseen artworks by the groundbreaking pop artist. The drawings date back to the 1950s and were all uncovered by German gallery owner Daniel Blau when he was granted access...