• Video: FTC Young Bucks
  • Posted 26 months ago by Jack Lowe · culture · 6663 Views
  • Over the 30 years of their existence, San Francisco skate brand FTC have seen promising young kids grow into well-respected pros who have continued to push the sport forward. To give a little something back and to acknowledge the increasingly technical tricks these kids are doing, they've teamed up with filmer and editor Sam Chao to put together a "Young Bucks" edit featuring the younger members of their team. Skaters in order of appearance are Kallen Matlock, Nico Hiraga, Tafari Whitter, Jonathan Wells, Max Otake, Darnell Coleman, Ian Elsasser, Josh Fajardo, Matt Dodge, Angel, Keita Wilson, Sam Chao, Desmond Billie, Danny Cusulos, Dean Cusulos, Eric Alford and Joel Misner.


    • 30 years of good skateboarding a few years of bad 5d filming!
    • MasterMili Posted 26 months ago · 72 Reply
    • yeah the filming on this is poor. great skating though...
    • Robin Posted 26 months ago · 69 Reply
    • why is the filming bad?
    • c Posted 26 months ago · 55 Reply