• Elevated Sports Court in Spain
  • Posted 33 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 10997 Views
  • Due to an influx of children at a school in Zaragoza, Spain, architect Guzman de Yarza Blache of local practice J1 Arquitectos was given the tricky task of increasing the usable area of a 33 x 35 meter courtyard without disturbing the daily sports and leisure activities. The solution he came up with was to head upwards, elevating the multi-use sports court off of the ground and allowing children to play underneath. A double skinned metal cage which curves inwards at the top prevents equipment from flying over the side, while 300 different species of ivy helps the concrete structure to be less obtrusive. Improving the environments mood further, brightly coloured strips have been painted on the ground to mark the infantile play area.


    • this is beautiful
    • emma Posted 33 months ago · 120 Reply
    • Just waiting for someone to bang the ball over the fence and bonk somebody on the head...
    • P Posted 32 months ago · 117 Reply