Philips DesignLine LED 3D TV

  • Posted 66 months Ago

Pushing into the future, Philips have unveiled the ultra-thin DesignLine LED 3D TV which blends seamlessly into your home's environment. When it's turned off, it looks just like a black-to-transparent gradient mirror. When it's on, it can connect to your WiFi network to access online content and play beautiful 3D movies and TV programmes. With a newly developed mounting system, the 46" or 55" TV can stand, hang, or lean on any wall, making sure it's as unobtrusive as possible. "The new TV carries the Philips DesignLine hallmark of lightness and transparency; a TV without a neck, without a stand and without a visible frame, one seamless sheet of glass leaning against a wall," the firm says. Both sizes will be available from June 2013 in the UK, priced at £2,000 and £2,800, respectively.