Vintage 1953 Volkswagen Beetle Sculpted Into A Perfect Sphere

  • Posted 64 months Ago

Jakarta-based sculptor Ichwan Noor has managed to morph five vintage 1953 Volkswagen Beetles into a perfect spheres. The pieces were unveiled at this year's Art Basel, which is being hosted in China for the very first time, and were exhibited with the Mondecor Jakarta gallery, fetching up to $88,000 USD. The eye-catching sculptures are part of a larger series by Noor which sees various different vehicles each undergo the same process of being turned into a large ball, although the artist also works with other subjects including the anatomical form. The new Hong Kong location of Art Basel means that over half the galleries exhibiting at the fair have originated from Asia and Asia-Pacific, pushing hundreds of previously unknown artists into the international spotlight. "Events like Hong Kong Art Basel will provide him with the needed exposure," Jakarta-based director Monica Gunawan said. "He is quite well known in Jakarta, but not so much in the international art market."