Sony Use Micro Ads To Promote 4K TVs

  • Posted 64 months Ago

Coinciding with the launch of their Bravia X9 line of 4K televisions, Sony are running a campaign of "micro ads" at Wimbledon which can only be seen when viewed on the super hi-def screens. The tiny ads will feature on the fingernails and uniform of tennis player Anne Keothavong as she makes her way through the iconic tournament and aim to "highlight how every detail matters at this year's Wimbledon." This is the first time ever that parts of The Championships will be shot and recorded in 4k Ultra HD - a cutting edge technology that provides footage with four times greater resolution than that of standard HD - meaning that even the tiniest of details will stand out. Speaking about the "microtising" method, Keothavong - who is currently ranked fifth in the UK - said: "This is a real laugh, I've got a lot of friends and family paying attention to the smallest detail – I've had it on my shoe laces, my index finger and the hem of my skirt, but there are a few hidden places no one has noticed yet."

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