Villa Piedad in Spain

  • Posted 63 months Ago

As the price of accommodation continues to rise in many of the world's cities, Villa Piedad in Spain provides a perfect example of how a small space can be made liveable through smart design features. Originally a two-family house, the 1950s building has now been divided up into eight tiny flats, each of which occupy little more than 40 square meters. When architect Marta Badiola first moved in to hers, the apartment had incredibly low ceilings and had been partitioned into five tiny spaces, all joined by a claustrophobic central corridor. The solution was "total demolition" says Badiola, who has now redesigned the space to have just 3 faades and a roof. "All the spaces are arranged around a central partition and the bathroom is hanging over the communal stairs. Everything connects. The main space enjoys the view above the city. Living and working in two different levels of the same space. Connected but separated at the same time. The studio on the mezzanine turns into bedroom when friends are staying."