Apple Trademark iWatch in Japan

  • Posted 62 months Ago

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple applied for an "iWatch" trademark in Japan earlier last month, categorising it as a "handheld computer or watch." This is the first official hint that Apple has a new gadget in the works, which will most likely take the form of a watch.

If released, the wrist-computer will be the first new product from Apple in the post Steve Jobs era and would be a big move towards "wearable computing." The field has been relatively unexplored by major companies thus far and Apple are known for being the first to expand in new market areas, so a watch device does seem highly likely. It has also been predicted that, although currently a small market, wearable tech could generate as much as $1.5bn in revenue in 2014. Analyst Nitin Bhas predicts that the iWatch will enable users to instantly pay for shopping, carry digital airline and concert tickets, and act as a health tracker in a similar way to Nike's Fuelband.

Image: A prediction of what the iWatch may look like.

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