Philippe Starck & Riko Pre-Fabricated Homes

  • Posted 62 months Ago

Legendary designer Philippe Starck has teamed up with Riko Designs (one of Europe's largest manufacturers of wooden buildings) to develop a series of industrially manufactured pre-fabricated houses which can meet the needs of people all over the world. Named P.A.T.H. (prefabricated accessible technological homes), the series features 34 different models, all of which allow the buyer to design their own living space, choosing from various finishes and fixtures.

The project was first announced in late 2012, but only now have renderings of the various houses been released. From start to finish, the buildings take just two months to complete, with a small percentage of that time spent on the actual house site. Smart green technology has also been incorporated, including photovoltaics, solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines or rain water collectors, making them both cheap to run and environmentally friendly. Prices vary on personal specifications, but a rough guide of 2,500 EUR (approx. £2,150) per square meter has been given.

Source: Designboom