• Video: Nike Nature Amplified Design Ethos
  • Posted 26 months ago by Jack Lowe · culture · 9713 Views
  • Coinciding with the introducing of their new Free Hypefeel running shoe model, Nike have started promoting their latest design ethos - Nike Amplified. The principle focuses on the body in motion and is driven by scientific data and athlete insights. "Adding positives. Removing negatives. Nothing more. Nothing less. Designing for what nature would have done if nature knew what we wanted the human body to achieve." This three-minute video is narrated by VP of Nike Global Design, John Hoke, and the video gives us a unique insight into the inner workings of the company and the lengths they go to in order to create unique and effective products. Watch above.


    • so nike makes a new shoe with less fabric "more form fittings" but charge twice as much
    • C Posted 26 months ago · 83
    • Fashion doesn't really work based on "how much fabric is involved" any more...
    • Tom Posted 26 months ago · 93 Reply
    • A whole lot of marketing bullshit.
    • Simon Posted 26 months ago · 80 Reply