Video: Kinetic Light Sculpture by Benjamin Muzzin

  • Posted 60 months Ago

By spinning two flat screen monitors at an extremely high speed, Benjamin Muzzin has managed to create a stunning kinetic light sculpture which can create complex three-dimensional light forms that appear to hover in mid air. The piece was created as part of his Bachelor's degree in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) and aims to explore the "notion of the third dimension" with the desire to try to get out of the usual frame of a flat screen. "My work mainly consisted in exploring and experimenting a different device for displaying images, trying to give animations volume in space," he said. "The resulting machine works with the rotation of two screens placed back to back, creating a three-dimensional animated sequence that can be seen at 360 degrees. Due to the persistence of vision, the shapes that appear on the screen turn into kinetic light sculptures."