Lucid Stead Installation by Phillip K. Smith III

  • Posted 57 months Ago

Californian artist Phillip K. Smith III has completed an eye-deceiving light installation in the middle of the California High Desert, near the small town of Joshua Tree. Entitled "Lucid Stead", the piece adapts a pre-existing 70-year-old abandoned shack in a way which makes segments seem entirely transparent, deceiving us into thinking the roof is floating on thin air. At night, the shed transforms again, with its windows and doors becoming solid blocks of colour and the thin cracks in the walls emitting multi-coloured LED light. "This project is about tapping into the desert," says Smith. "To the pace of change and responding to the quiet of the place. Ultimately in the quiet, the project begins to unfold. It's really about four ideas - light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change."