• Instagrams from North Korea
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  • Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder has just been awarded TIME's Instagram Photographer of the Year 2013 award for his photographs of North Korea - a country famous for its censorship. Recently however, the DPRK loosened up on their laws surrounding the Internet and now allow foreigners to carry around their phones with an activated 3G network. This worked out perfect for permanent resident Guttenfelder, who decided to start Instagramming as much as he could to share the country with the rest of the world. Speaking to Wired, he said:

    "In a country known for its censorship, I'm now uploading photos to Instagram from the streets of North Korea like I would anywhere else in the world. Through social media, I'm trying to piece together a picture of this country for the outside world … No one puts their hand in front of my camera, and no one tells me not to shoot things. There's no review process. They don’t look at my pictures at all before I send them on the Associated Press wire or my Instagram account. Facebook even asks me to tag my "friends" Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung when I upload my photos."

    You can follow David Guttenfelder on Instagram here.

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    • just shows you dont need a 2 grand camera to be a great photographer...
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    • That is old old-ass army
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    • love the chair in the lobby
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    • Dafuq?!
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