Parents of Donald Judd-Climbing Child Speak Out

  • Posted 56 months Ago

A couple of days ago people were shocked to hear the news that someone's child had been using a Donald Judd sculpture at the Tate Modern (worth $10 million USD) as a climbing frame. Now, the parents of the child have spoken to the London Evening Standard about exactly what happened.

It turns out the girl's parents, Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor, are the founders of the AllSaints fashion label. They said that they weren't with their daughter, Sissi Belle, at the time and that she was actually accompanied by her aunt and uncle. In the interview they go on to apologise for the mistake, but justify it by saying the sculpture seduced their child over.

"It's not right, but they were just interested. Their only crime was to be seduced by a ladder of jewel-coloured shelving. Sissi has always been anti-establishment but she would never hurt anybody… There are some beautiful statues that they have climbed, the Henry Moore at Liverpool Street, ones along the South Bank where they are interactive and the Diana Memorial.

Our children have been to all the museums and all the galleries in London and abroad. They have been all around the world and are extremely intelligent and educated and just happened to slide in the bottom of what looks like a row of shelves.

They were on it for a matter of seconds, they weren’t climbing all over it … Our children are not horrible, they are the most cute and intelligent girls at the top of their class in school and they are obsessed with art. They have the upmost respect."

What do you think? Bad parenting or a reasonable reaction to the artwork?