Tuesday Take Over

  • Posted 106 months Ago

This week's Tuesday Take Over comes from Sam Taylor ? a London based illustrator and skateboarder.

"When I was younger I was never into comic books, I was more of a Simpsons/Southpark kid. I didn?t like the idea of sitting about and reading things when I could be outside chucking eggs and putting holes in the knees of my trousers. I was also heavily into Pogs, how good were Pogs! Especially the Taz ones, why don?t toys come in crisps anymore? Anyway, Daniel Clowes? use of narrative combined with his imagery has forced me to be interested in comic books. His stories appeal to me because of their brilliant social commentary and beautiful illustrations, like The Bill on ITV. Only joking, he is nothing like The Bill, he could even be the exact opposite of The Bill. I don?t want to moan about why you should go and read Clowes because that would make me sound like a prick so just hurry up and do it, then look at my blog; or just go straight to my blog."


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