The Struggle to Right Oneself - A Photography Series by Kerry Skarbakka

Inspired by philosopher Martin Heidegger's description of human existence as a process of perpetually falling, photographer Kerry Skarbakka has created a series called The Struggle to Right Oneself, made up entirely of falling self-portraits.

"I continually return to questions regarding the nature of control and its effects on this perceived responsibility, since beyond the basic laws that govern and maintain our equilibrium, we live in a world that constantly tests our stability in various other forms," says Skarbakka. "War and rumors of war, issues of security, effects of globalization, and the politics of identity are external gravities turned inward, serving to further threaten the precarious balance of self, exaggerating negative feelings of control."

To create the elaborate situations, Skarbakka uses an arrangement of climbing gear and rigging, allowing him to photograph himself as he "dangles from dangerous precipices or tumbles down flights of stairs." To see the full series head over to

Tags: photography