Futurist Ray Kurzeil Says "Her" Technology Will Be Available In 2029

  • Posted 54 months Ago

According to the well-respected futurist and Google Engineer Ray Kurzweil, the sort of technology seen in Spike Jonze's new film Her will become a reality by 2029. For those who don't already know, the film tells the story of a lonely man who falls in love with his ultra-smart OS system, which is essentially an improved version of Apple's Siri.

"There are also methods to provide the tactile sense that goes along with a virtual body," Kurzweil explains. "These will soon be feasible, and will certainly be completely convincing by the time an AI of the level of Samantha is feasible."

He adds that, although this might be a scary thought, the intelligence of AIs will never be greater than that of humans, because we will enhance ourselves through these technologies as well. "It will not be us versus the machines (whether the machines are enemies or lovers), but rather, we will enhance our own capacity by merging with our intelligent creations. We are doing this already. Even though most of our computers — although not all — are not yet physically inside us, I consider that to be an arbitrary distinction."