James Murphy Plans New York Subway Symphony

  • Posted 55 months Ago

Former LCD Soundsystem man, DJ, record producer and self-styled "man about town” James Murphy has come up with a concept to turn New York’s harsh subway sounds into a symphony. The plan is to have a set of harmonic tones play when people enter the turnstiles, replacing the unpleasant “bleep” which is currently used.

"What i propose to do is to create a series of 3 to 5 note sequences, all unique, one for each station in the subway system. These sequences will be part of an intersecting larger piece of music, which would run from station to station, and cross one another as, say, the 4, 5, 6 line (one musical piece) intersects with the L, N, R, Q and W (another musical piece) at Union Square. At each turnstile in Union Square, as you tap your new tap and ride card, a pleasant bell tone will sound, in one of a set of possible notes, all related to that station's note sequence. The effect would be that at the busiest times, like rush hour, what was once cacophony would now be music."

Find out more about the project and sign a petition to get it going here. Watch a video above with samples of the music.