This Tiny "Space Saving" NYC Apartment Is Available for $1M

  • Posted 53 months Ago

Back in 2010, Graham Hill decided to ditch all of his meaningless possessions and worked with Romanian design students Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu to design an apartment in NYC which managed to fit eight rooms into a tiny 420 square-foot space. Now, that apartment is on the the market… for just under $1m USD. In the apartment tour above, which was created by Gizmodo, Hill shows us all the clever features of the space, including vanishing walls, hidden storage, and modular furniture.

Hill now plans to take this "micro-living" concept global, creating similar apartments in other cities and convincing people that living with less can actually make your life simpler, and this happier. What do you think - could you live in a space like this, and would you be willing to pay up to $1m USD (approx. 605,000) for it?