Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out To Tell The Larger Picture

  • Posted 52 months Ago

As Instagram proves, it's pretty easy for certain aspects of people's lives to be cut out, leaving a picture that looks all but perfect. The same thing happens when tourists photograph a country's famous sights, focussing on the awe-inspiring monument or landscape but leaving out the surrounding environment. Proving the point, PolicyMic have out together a series of "zoomed-out" photos of famous landmarks around the world, demonstrating just how much tourist attractions can stick out from the natural landscape.

Above: Taj Mahal

Above: The Great Pyramids of Giza

Above: Stonehenge

Above: Niagara Falls

Above: The Brandenburg Gate

Above: The Parthenon

Above: Mount Rushmore

Above: The Forbidden City

Above: Hollywood

Above: Santorini

Above: St. Basil's Cathedral

Source: PolicyMic
Tags: photography