The Sada Bike - A Folding, Hubless Bicycle

  • · Posted 48 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Italian product designer Gianluca Sada has unveiled a prototype for a hubless bike which can fold up to the size of an umbrella, making it perfect for commuters who need to make lots of short trips. "The wheels have no spokes, the system folds with a single movement, the packaging container can also be used as a backpack," says Sada. "It uses a system anchoring the wheels using smaller wheels held by a small frame and a specific quick clamping device. They allow you to fold the bike quickly and easily, using its special package like a trendy backpack."

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Of course, there's bound to be a downside. At the moment, Sada is forced to strengthen the rim to make up for the missing spokes, which in turn has added a lot of weight to the wheels. That's not great because it makes it pretty hard to get that solid mass spinning, massively reducing the user's acceleration rate. Let's see if he fixes the problem before release!

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