• Tabloid Headlines If They Weren't Sexist
  • Posted 23 months ago by Jack Lowe · culture · 99000 Views
  • It's common knowledge that trashy tabloid newspapers and blogs love a sexist headline, focussing on female celebrities' clothing, make-up, hair, and weight rather than their professional or social achievements. Fed up with this, Vagenda Magazine asked their Twitter followers to re-write these headlines and send in the "normalised" versions, turning terribly demeaning article titles such as "Make-up free Jennifer Garner hides her enviable figure under dowdy slacks and shirt during coffee run in Los Angeles" into "Woman goes to get coffee. Doesn't consider it a priority that her outfit make her look look sexually appealing for this task." Take a look at more below.

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    • I notice the sexist diet coke ad didn't get retouched :) maybe that's ok as yet only objectifies the fellas.
    • Alan Posted 23 months ago · 383
    • Come on, don't be buthurt over this. Sexism towards men is not really a thing.
    • Ari Gold Posted 23 months ago · 306
    • well said. sexism towards men does exist, obviously, but it doesn't really have any impact on men's lives.
    • Jmes Posted 23 months ago · 295
    • Discrepancy in suicide rates between males and females would tend to show otherwise. Your comment is in itself proof that sexism towards men very much does exist. Simply because there are more men in high paying jobs, does not mean that 17 year old boys are now immune from all sexism thrown at them personally on an individual level.
    • Dyrus Posted 22 months ago · 298 Reply
    • Most of the tabloid articles are written by women.
    • Jamie Posted 23 months ago · 297
    • women can be sexist against women
    • Jack Posted 23 months ago · 345
    • it's not the fact that they're written by women; all newspapers and magazine writers have to adhere to particular style to suit their target audience, you are told to write a certain way and only the editors and people higher up the chain (mostly men) have the power to sign off on work to be published, if it's not trashy or sexist enough they won't publish it for fear of not getting enough clicks/views. It's not the writers fault, it's who they're employed by.
    • adamhowardcross Posted 23 months ago · 317 Reply
    • Exactly. So why call it "Tabloid Articles if they weren't Sexist" when in reality it's "Tabloid Articles without the Inherent Girl on Girl Bitchyness"?
    • Jamie Posted 23 months ago · 317
    • maybe you misread. i said CAN, not CAN'T.
    • Jack Posted 23 months ago · 319 Reply
    • Yeah I misread, hurried scanning at work doesn't cut the mustard. Sorry
    • Jamie Posted 23 months ago · 292 Reply
    • You guys, sexism toward both sexes is real. The media objectifies women as nothing more than figures that can't do anything because they will be under scrutiny. However, they make a big deal when a famous guy makes a sexist comment. But when a woman makes a sexist comment, everyone thinks," Wow, she is a strong woman!" We are all human, so start treating everyone like they are. thank you for your time.
    • Tomas Posted 18 months ago · 224 Reply
    • Why is George Clooney 'Greying actor' and not 'three time Golden Globe and two time Academy Award winner'?
    • IXV Posted 18 months ago · 227 Reply
    • IXV because in the original headline his wife was labelled hot lawyer, the focus was on her looks. Diminishing him on his age/looks in the second pic reversed the whole thing to show what sexism looks like when its target is a man. And let's be honest, he's not the youngest anymore. Greying's a part of life :)
    • toniapolis Posted 6 months ago · 84 Reply
    • It's depressing how many comments there are here defending sexism. And of course woman can be sexist to other woman if theres money involved and they're raised with it as the norm, we're not perfect just like any other human being and thats kind of the point. Sexism is sexism, no matter where it comes from.
    • some random comment Posted 1 week ago · 1 Reply