Listen: Snippet of a New Kanye West Track That Someone Paid $500 For

  • Posted 51 months Ago

A new level of craziness has been reached in anticipation of Kanye West’s seventh solo album. A fan on the message boards of Kanye To The has bought a snippet of a new Yeezy song for $500 from another member who claims to have received the clip from someone in the industry. 32 seconds of a track called “Black Bruce Wayne” is what they got, and it’s now below for all to hear.

Who knows if this is from a forthcoming solo album, a G.O.O.D Music track, or a snippet discarded years ago. All we do know is that some poor fella paid a hell of a lot of money for about 10 seconds of Kanye rapping. Take a listen below to find out if it was worth it.