Video: Oakley - A Story of Disruption (Narrated by Kevin Spacey)

  • Posted 49 months Ago

Celebrating nearly 40 years of "disruptive design", Oakley has released a new short film charting the visionaries who have imagined the impossible, turning it into reality and disrupting the world around them as they go. "The art of disruption is about shattering the norm, setting creativity free, and forging a radical new vision of the world," says narrator Kevin Spacey. "It was in 1975 that a mad scientist named Jim Jannard set out to question the limits and disrupt the norms of an entire industry. Starting Oakley with little more than $300 and an obsessive drive that everything can and will be made better." Jannard ended up evolving eyewear from a generic accessory to a vital piece of technological equipment.

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